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I am looking for a solution to a problem. I do market research and right now have no effective way of storing my respondents contact information. I found your data base because I was looking for somwhere that could link to our website and could sign up for research. I also need a way to email my database when needed and somehow be connected to survey gizmo or survey monkey.

Is there a way to connect all three things together>


jlrcctex@aol.com+(Guest) 1470 - days ago 
I am looking for this type of programming tool to design an app for some processes in my book. I would like to post the app on my website and sell access to it's use (e.g., user signs on, pays, completes app and has a report that is saved as a pdf file. How would this work with zoho software. Would you charge a per user cost or would this come under public site?


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